LAHORE -  Demanding enforcement of electoral reforms before the next general elections, Jamaat-i-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has called for an agreed action plan for the purpose.

Addressing the JI Parliamentary Board meeting at Mansoora on Thursday, he said that elections without electoral reforms would only be an exercise in futility. 

Sirajul Haq condemned the US decision of declaring Hizbul Mujahideen a terrorist organization, terming it usurpation of the right of the nation. He said that the Hizbul Majahideen was an organization of the Kashmiris and the US ban was violation of the international law. He said freedom movements were going on all over the world and banning the Hizb only to please India was totally unjust.

Terming winning elections by spending billions and purchasing votes worst form of rigging, he demanded ban on indiscriminate spending of money in elections. He said the Presiding Officer should be held responsible for electoral irregularities. He said that the notification of the victory of the candidate spending beyond the prescribed amount should be withheld. He said that the candidates not fulfilling the conditions laid down in the articles 62 and 63 must be barred from contesting election. He said that neither the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee for electoral reforms had not been implemented so far nor any foolproof mechanism to check rigging and other irregularities had been given.

He said that the feudal lords and capitalists considered politics their housemaid while there was no democracy worth the name in the political parties. In fact, the political parties had turned into family properties. As a result, a few families were holding the country’s politics and democracy as hostage. He stressed that the Election Commission should hold elections of parties under own supervision for checking trend of inherited politics. He said that even in the past, electoral reforms had been promised many a time but till today, the electoral system remained full of the weaknesses as ever.