KP government has recently finished planting one billion trees in the province in the duration of two years. This surpasses the milestone set by the Bonn challenge that aims to bring 150 million hectares of the World’s deforested land into restoration by 2020.

The campaign is now under criticism for charges of corruption. Reham Khan , Journalist and ex-wife of PTI chairperson Imran Khan , took to twitter last night to pass judgment on the scheme .

She accused PTI of spreading lies about planting one billion trees , as it was technically impossible to plant trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa all year.

Anti-corruption investigations have disclosed corruption amounting up to millions of rupees in Mardan alone. Director Anti-corruption was sacked for advancing investigation into the ‘billion tree tsunami.’

Reham tweeted that instead of billion trees , there were ‘billlion coverups’ as a corruption scandal comes to surface.

In response to PTI supporters, Reham said that people should stop believing the narrative being upheld by international media. Instead, they should come to KP and see for themselves.

Ecologists have also expressed concerns about the plantation scheme . They say that wrong species of trees were planted which were not suitable according to the climate of KP . The survival rate of the new plantations is yet to be seen.

Reham and Imran parted ways after only ten months of marriage in October 2015. The couple divorced with mutual consent. Reham blamed the public ‘hate campaign’ for causing her marriage to breakdown.