Culture is a set of some of norms, rules which have been blessed by our ancestors to us, which is a source of pride for us-well. I am proud of my culture which is linked with the ancient civilization. If I talk about my country, there is a combination of four different cultures of four different provinces. It has become an alarming issue for those who believe that Indian culture has brought a big impact on our identity and are raising voice on different platforms and there is a ban on Indian dramas in our country but one thing that we have to think about is that where are we from basically? We are part of the subcontinent.

The only difference is the religion. We are being attacked by our own culture but still one finds it an alarming issue. We are just divided in boundaries not more than that. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan once said, “Subcontinent is like a newlywed bride, if one eye is taken out of that bride then she will not look beautiful.” So the real beauty comes when we are connected with each other. One should not be afraid if it is gaining much importance. It is we who are progressing with great speed because this attraction is already in our blood.


Turbat, August 4.