LAHORE - Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Dr. Hasan Askari has said that necessary steps have been taken to improve the healthcare sector and to provide best medical facilities to the people. We believe that patients should be given quality healthcare facilities in the hospitals and for that purpose; the relevant staff will have to proactively work.

In a statement issued here on Friday, the chief minister said that access to latest healthcare facilities is the fundamental right of the people, because a healthy society can be established this way. That is why, caretaker government continued to provide necessary resources, on priority basis, for early completion of ongoing healthcare schemes and the completion process has been expedited so that the people could be facilitated. He said that provision of resources for providing better healthcare facilities to the general public is the responsibility of every government. All line departments will have to move forward by working efficiently so that qualitative and most modern medical facilities could be provided to the patients. There is nothing important than facilitating the ailing humanity, he added.

He said that an amount of Rs15.44 crore was released for the treatment of deserving patients. He said that provision of best healthcare facilities to the patients has been continued despite limited mandate of the caretaker setup. He reiterated that provision of resources for best healthcare facilities is the duty of every government and added that resources should be further increased for providing better facilities to the masses. Serving the ailing humanity is a noble cause and free treatment of deserving patients should be continued in future as well. He said that healing the wounds of the ailing humanity is a great virtue which is rewarded in this life and hereafter.

He said that instructions have been issued to concerned officials and government departments for taking necessary precautionary measures to remain safe from the Congo virus in wake of upcoming religious festival of Eid-ul-Adha. Every possible step should be taken, on emergency basis, for saving the people from Congo virus, he said. All possible measures should be adopted where any possibility of its spread is possible and special screening of cattle markets should also be conducted. Anti-germs spray should be carried out there and the precautionary measures devised by the WHO should be implemented in letter and spirit. He said that health and livestock departments should adopt precautionary measures and take every possible step so that the people could remain safe from this virus.