Despite of being the second biggest city of Balochistan, the people of Turbat are undergoing from several health problems due to untrained and irresponsible doctors. They lack well-qualified doctors for their treatment especially, the people of rural areas like, Buleda, Dasht, Zamuran, Land, Kassak and etc where the doctors are not good enough to treat the patients. Instead of attending their duties in governmental hospitals, they have their own clinics with high fees which poor can’t afford to pay for their treatment yet. 

Moreover, the doctors of Turbat city are very much irresponsible and don’t treat the patients well who too provide gazillion of medicines which make our health condition worst. The doctors have left the poor public in the lurch whose purpose is to collect money not proper treatment yet. Truly, humanity is entirely lost in human beings, since the ones who are appointed for saving our lives, but they are ruining out lives in Turbat. 

So the District Commissioner of Turbat is humbly requested to take serious actions against such irresponsible doctors in order to save the lives of the people. 


Turbat, August 1.