LODHRAN-Due to the collusion of the private schools and corrupt Education Department officials, Lodhran Public School is faced with a number of problems as its hundreds of students have moved to private schools due to its falling education standard and missing facilities.

The educational Institute being run by the local administration in Lodhran has been in difficult situation for a long time.

As a result, the local people have got their children out of the school and enrolled in the private schools. In this way, Lodhran Public School has further drenched in problems while the number of students has decreased to a few hundred from thousands which is a point to grave concern.

Those responsible for the sending Lodhran Public School into such situation are the owners of some of the private schools and a few of the Education Department’s black sheep. Education has become a business and so many private schools have been set up in Lodhran.

These are being run in an illegal manner. But with the blessing of Education Department, they are flourishing and same faculty which could not perform in government schools are teaching the children with full enthusiasm and hard work in the private schools and colleges on heavy salaries.

To steer the school out of crises, however, the district administration, local business community and donors organised an event in Lodhran Public School and in the first event donations worth 1.6 million rupee were collected. The participants urged the philanthropists to donate for the uplift of the school.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Saqib Ali Ateel told The Nation that Lodhran Public School’s principal has been appointed. He belongs to Multan and possesses higher education and experience in the field of education, he added.

Former President of Anti-Corruption Committee Muhammad Tufail lauded the steps being taken by the district administration for educational uplift.

Al-Khidmat Foundation’s former President Dr Tahir Ahmad Chaudhry said that such serious efforts have never been made in the past to get Lodhran Public School out of the peril. He urged the donors to come forward and contribute for the betterment of Lodhran Public School.