SHAKARGARH-A maid along with her husband, held on theft charges, were tortured and tied with a cot in police station here. According to media reports, the suspects - 22-year-old Farwa Waqas, resident of Ikhlas Pur Road worked as maid in the home of Sheikh Shahbaz. Two days ago, the employer lodged a complaint with the City Police that Farwa Waqas had stolen a sum of Rs300,000 from his house.

Police registered a case against the suspect and arrested her along with her husband. The police allegedly locked them in a barrack in the police station where they were subjected to hand-cuffed, tortured and tied to cot with a rope.

Inter-provincial gangs busted, booty seized

Our Staff Reporter

ATTOCK-The district police busted two inter-provincial gangs of dacoits and recovered cash, cell phones, and fire arms from their possession here the other day.

Attock DPO Hasan Asad Alvi said during an address to a press conference that the police arrested Amjad Khan r/o Nowshera, M Nawaz r/o Sargodha, Abdul Majeed and Shah Alam r /o Bajawar while their two accomplices Gul Meer and Sardar Hussain r/o Peshawar were still at large and would be arrested soon.

The DPO said that on July 13, 2018, the gang members had looted Rs2.8 million, eight cell phones, a 12 bore rifle, and a pistol from a petrol station at gunpoint and escaped in a car. He said that the owner of the petrol station Haji Niaz Ameen informed the police about the incident.

The police, taking prompt action, constituted an investigation team to arrest the culprits. He said the team, using modern techniques, arrested four members of the group and recovered four pistols, 22 rounds and four mobile phones from them.

Mr Alvi said that the gang was wanted in nine cases by Islamabad and Attock police. He added that the police also arrested Salman Khan r/o Charsada and Inayat Ullah r/o Peshawar and recovered Rs450,000, a cell phone and a bike from their possession. DPO Hasan Asad Alvi said that the culprits, on 7th June, had deprived M Arshad of Rs0.65 million and a cell phone at gunpoint and escaped from the scene. The DPO maintained that the police were trying their best to control crime in the district.