PM to face stiff political battle ahead

Seems like Khan is still in the 'Dharna Politics' mode

2018-08-18T22:41:00+05:00 Imad Zafar

Finally, the mission is accomplished for Imran Khan as he has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A tally of 176 votes in the National assembly was enough to earn him the slot of leader of the house. It has been a dream come true for him as from the last five years he played the game right on the power chess board.

Imran Khan’s decision to bank on the invisible forces to grab the power has finally won him the throne. If you are on Imran’s side you will call this achievement as a result of his untiring efforts of two decades in politics. If you are against him you will be pointing out that Imran was handed victory by the empire after denying Sharif and Maryam to lead the electoral campaign and by rigging the mandate.

In power politics, the only thing that matters is a win as it is all about grabbing power. Asif Zardari led PPP has also been given the share of the cake as the province of Sindh is being retained by the PPP. The victory of PPP in Sindh can be termed as a gift from the empire in return for the contribution of Asif Zardari in toppling PLM-N led Balochistan Provincial government that actually denied PML-N the chance to lead the Senate. By bringing Sadiq Sanjrani Asif Zardari somehow was able to appease the powers that be.

On the other hand, Shahbaz Sharif failed miserably as he was unable to read the writing on the wall, his reluctance to carry forward the narrative of Nawaz and Maryam and his efforts to appease the establishment went all in vain as PML-N was not given even an inch of a cake. Had Nawaz and Maryam not came back to Pakistan and did not go behind the bars things could have been worse for the PML-N. In fact, without the sympathy wave and narrative of resistance created by Nawaz and Maryam, PML-N would only have managed to grab around 20 NA seats. Since Shahbaz was riding on the two boats he was destined to doom and he successfully doomed PML-N with him as well. If this was not enough, he nominated himself as an opposition leader in the NA and nominated his son Hamza Shahbaz as an opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly. As a result, many of the stalwarts of PML-N are not happy as they think the party only revolves around Sharif family. The other reason is, of course, the outdated political approach of Shahbaz and Hamza which actually is not representing the feelings of the PML-N vote bank. It is a double joy for Imran Khan as his main opposition political party is in turmoil these days and it is still not been able to decide whether it is going to toe the line of Nawaz and Maryam or will it follow the path of power politics by following Shahbaz's cautious approach. After watching the protest of PML-N in the assembly on the occasion of PM election and the poor response of Imran Khan and PTI one can predict that the narrative of 'respect my vote' will haunt Imran Khan and his mentors for a long period of time.

The protest of the PML-N in the National Assembly led by Rana Sanaullah Khan unsettled the nerves of the newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan and in retaliation, he gave a speech which was never expected of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. His speech seemed more like attacking PML-N and he, in fact, threatened PML-N of dire consequences in the name of accountability. It seems Imran Khan is still in the Dharna Politics mode and he has not realized that he is no more in opposition now. Nawaz and Maryam sitting behind the bars were a bonus for him in the electoral campaign as it denied PML-N the level playing field, but since he is in the government now, Sharif and Maryam sitting behind the bars are liabilities on him from now on. The more time they spent behind the bars the more PML-N agitate in the assembly and on the streets, the more pressure it will generate on his already weak coalition government.

On the other hand, it is frightening to see the head of the state being so short tempered that only a few members of opposition benches can provoke him. This raises a question of what will happen when he has to face the diplomatic pressure from the world? Will he threaten them of the dire consequences as well? Perhaps, a Joseph Stallen kind of attitude will not be going to help Imran run the affairs of state smoothly and with this attitude, he will surely prove his opponents right in terming him as a Pakistani version of Donald Trump. It is high time for the PTI and Imran to do some soul searching and come up with a better way of dealing criticism and opposition. It is very easy to do opposition which Imran has been doing since ages but it is entirely a different ball game when it comes to run the government. Never in the country’s history, any newly elected Prime Minister has given such a bigoted speech not even in the era of 90's when both PPP and PML-N used to do the politics of hatred. One hope that Imran Khan will change his attitude and will accept criticism and opposition in the future.

As far as PPP is concerned perhaps Bilawal Bhutto saved the day for them by his excellent and well-articulated speech. PPP abstaining from the voting in the election of Prime minister actually gave the impression that Asif Zardari ditched the opposition in order to get some relaxation in his money laundering cases. It actually divided the opposition and showed the tilt of Asif Zardari in favor of the powers that be. Bilawal Bhutto, somehow, controlled the damage by delivering a well-balanced speech and it seems that both Imran and Shahbaz need to learn the art of speaking from Bilawal.

For PPP, Bilawal is the only hope for its revival in the Punjab and KP and Asif Zardari is a baggage that proves too heavy to bear in the near future. Same is the case with PML-N where Shahbaz and Hamza are proving to be the liabilities and it needs Maryam Nawaz as their leader in the future if it wants to regain the lost fort of Punjab. For PTI it is the best time to assert their political authority in Punjab as Nawaz and Maryam absence has created a vacuum and it will not be available as soon as Maryam and her father get out of the jail. The throne is won by the empire for Imran Khan, but he is the one now who is sitting on the throne so he needs to learn the art of governance and to not be provoked easily to prove his legitimacy. 

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