Twitter’ites still curious to know Gen Zia’s death cause

2018-08-18T03:12:42+05:00 Atif Khan

ISLAMABAD  -  It has been now 30 years to the death of former military dictator and President General Ziaul Haq in a C-130 Hercules plane’s crash on August 17, 1988 in Bahawalpur but the twitterites are still curious to know whether the plane’s crash was a result of technical fault or it was an assassination owing to some radical change in the international politics.

On this day, 30 years ago #Pakistan military leader General #Ziaulhaq plane crashed - 30 years on we are no clearer what happened and why, wrote a user Mohammed Shafiq.

Who killed the former President was the question which has been repeated continuously on the social media account but no one ever came up with any answer.

Some posted newspaper clips of the incident and some repeated Ijazul Haq, son of army chief General Zia's interview in 2012, wherein he accused Zia’s then vice-chief General Aslam Beg of being a part of the conspiracy to kill his father.

In the interview, Ijazul Haq questioned that why General Hameed Gul, the ISI chief at the time took no notice of his officers plotting to kill his father. He accused General Beg of removing wreckage of the plane to hide the effects of a missile fired into the plane from another plane and prevented autopsies of the dead to hide the fact that everyone on the plane had died of gas poisoning.

Under hashtaq Ziaulhaq, many pointed out that the election of the new prime minister is being carried out at the same time and date when General Zia and his colleagues died in a plane crash.

On August 17,1988 people of Pakistan got rid of #ziaulhaq (worst dictator of the history of #Pakistan) — After 30 years, August 17, 2018 a puppet/Ladla is (s)elected as PM after worst elections of the history of Pakistan, Well played ECP/Establishment, said an account named team bilawal.

The account which claims to be media team of PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari went one more step in criticising opponents.

"On death anniversary of Dictator Zia-Ul-Haq @imrankhanpti selected as #PrimeMinister of #BananaRepublicOfPakistan. Thank you uncle Pasha for pushing Pakistan to darkest era #???_????_????????", it wrote.

The same thoughts were expressed by @Majid_Agha, who said 30 years ago on August 17 1988, General Zia crashed at 3:30pm. Today, National Assembly session is summoned at 3:30 to install a puppet Imran Khan as Prime Minister. This is not a coincidence, it took them 30 years to change the face from a General to so called Politician, he said.

The opponents were quick to reply. "Yaar woh kon log hain jo kehte hain PPP sab se ziada jamhoriyet pasand party hai? Un logo ko pankhay k sath ulta latka ker jootay maro.

PPP bheegi billi hai, zardari buzdil, Bilawal buzdil ka bacha, wrote an account, Maryam, my pride!, who claim to be fan account of decent, intelligent and brave Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

Another user Najamulhuda commented that PPP always surrendered to dictators except Zia tenure. "Whenever ppl appreciate bhutto or Benazir, i always object it. Except Zia Ul Haq era, PPP always surrender to military dictators. It is NS who always stood against establishment since 1993 and we are proud of it", she wrote.

The opinion of citizens on General Zia ul Haq was divided as some declared him a great soldier and true son of the soil there were many who held him responsible for promoting extremism in the country and gun culture.

A strong headed statesman who intercepted erstwhile USSR in Afghanistan & stopped it from taking to warm waters, the Balochistan Sea shore, Nobody is perfect enough to be above criticism, this dictator ruled hearts of a vast majority, said a user with the handle kashmir_24.

Meer Emaan wrote that the poison instilled in the minds of young people in Ziaul Haq's era caused Pakistan a great suffering later on and finally somehow we got rid of most of the faces in assembly. Damage was done, still a long way to repair it.


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