US-Amazon workers praising their working conditions on social media are being accused of lying by other users.

Twitter users are pointing to apparent inaccuracies and “robotic” or “scripted” language as evidence that employees are being “paid to lie”.

A number of parody accounts have been set up mocking the tweets by the staff, who are called Amazon ambassadors.

Amazon told BBC News their ambassadors are members of staff who post their personal experiences on social media.

In a statement to BBC News, the company said: “Fulfilment centre (FC) ambassadors are employees who work in our FCs and share facts based on their personal experience.

“It’s important that we do a good job educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfilment centres, and the FC ambassador programme is a big part of that, along with the FC tours we provide.”

The ambassadors praise working conditions in the retailer’s warehouses, and actively find and respond to tweets critical of the company’s practices.

One ambassador, known as @AmazonFCHannah on Twitter, posted on Thursday: “I suffer from depression too, and at one point I wanted to quit Amazon. But I realised it was my fault for the problems I was dealing with, and not Amazon’s.

“I’m allowed to talk to people, but sometimes I don’t want to. Now I have some great co-workers to pass the nights with.”