LAHORE-Ajoka theatre highlighted the message of peace and interfaith harmony through performance of its acclaimed play “Bulha and Banda” at Aiwan-e-Iqbal complex.

The performance was part of National Minority day program entitled “Minorities Rights beyond Promises and Assurances” arranged by center for social justice (CSJ).

Written by Ajoka’s executive director Shahid Nadeem the play depicted the imaginative confrontation between Famous Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah and Banda Singh Bahadur, who both responded to the tyranny of the rulers of their Era with their respective ideologies.

The play was a strong plea for love and peace and an indictment against intolerance, violence and hatred.

Actors Usman Raj, Qaiser khan, Nayab Faiza and Sibt-e-Hasan performed their roles efficiently in the play.

The program was attended by leading figures from different religions, including provincial minister for human rights and minority Ijaz Alam, Justice Nasira Javed Iqbal, Badshahi Mosque Khateeb Abdul Kabeer Azad, director CSJ Peter Jacob and prominent personalities from Sikh Community as well.

Before the performance, a documentary highlighting the Ajoka’s marvelous work for the promotion of peace and tolerance in the society through theatre was also screened.

It included the famous scenes from Ajoka’s play ‘Dekh Tamasha Chalta Ban’ and others. Ajoka’s Shahid Nadeem spoke about the Ajoka’s struggle for the causes of Human rights, religious tolerance and interfaith harmony in his speech and said Ajoka is committed to the mission of social enlightenment and promotion of human rights through meaningful plays and will continue it in future also.

Thrilling performance by renowned Qawwal group, Khawar Ali Qawwal Party enthralled the audiences.

Headed by Ustad Faiz Ali Faiz the group presented evergreen Qawwalis including Tere Ishq Nachaya and others devotional Sufi numbers from Ajoka’s famous plays such as Bullah and Dara as well.