Islamabad - A day after the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday welcomed the UNSC’s initiative to discuss the serious situation in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In a two-part tweet, the Prime Minister said that this was the first-ever meeting over the Kashmir issue in over 50 years by the highest diplomatic forum.

The Prime Minister said that there are 11 UN Security Council resolutions reiterating the Kashmiris right to self-determination.

He said the UNSC meeting is a reaffirmation of these resolutions, therefore, addressing the suffering of the Kashmiri people and ensuring resolution of the dispute is the responsibility of this world body.

For the first time since 1965, the UNSC on Friday held a meeting exclusively on occupied Jammu and Kashmir, nullifying India’s claim that this was an internal matter.

After coming into power last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan had extended an olive branch to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on multiple occasions, however, India never responded positively.