Capital Development Authority (CDA) is planning to launch a number of development projects for Islamabad. The new projects are being launched both in infrastructure development and housing sectors.

In this regard Capital Development Authority (CDA has started construction of three more overhead pedestrian bridges at different locations in the city. The civil work for construction these bridges has been initiated simultaneously.

In order to facilitate pedestrians, these bridges are being  constructed on Kashmir Highway near Weekly Bazaar, Faisal Avenue G-7/2/ G-8, near PIMS hospital and 3 rd  bridge at Jinnah Avenue at Mehran gate F-9 Park opposite to sector G-9/2. CDA has assigned installation work of pedestrian bridges to Heavy Mechanical Complex Taxila.

Installation of these three pedestrian bridges will be completed with the cost 135 million rupees. Pedestrian bridge at Kashmir Highway near Weekly Sunday Bazaar will be constructed at cost Rs.51.94 million rupees, pedestrian bridge Jinnah Avenue at Mehran Gate will be constructed at cost Rs.40.12 million rupees while pedestrian bridge at Faisal Avenue near PIMS hospital will be constructed / installed at cost of Rs.42.93 million.

It is worth mentioning here that in order to avert accidents and maintain flow of traffic in the city, incumbent management of the authority included the construction / installation of pedestrian bridges among its priorities.

In this connection, construction / installation of pedestrian bridge at Constitution Avenue has almost been completed and is now being utilized by thousands of pedestrians for crossing the avenue. Similarly, it is expected that these pedestrian bridges will not only facilitate the pedestrian crossing at these points particularly but will also reduce road accidents at these avenues in addition to ensure smooth traffic flow in the areas.

The construction of new three pedestrian bridges in Islamabad is outcome of a comprehensive strategy of incumbent CDA Administration to uplift infrastructure and develop long neglected residential sectors in Islamabad.