The schooling period of a child is the appropriate time for developing positive character traits required to be a responsible adult. The traits developed during this period help a child to face the challenges that would come inevitably in the latter part of life. For this reason, perhaps from time immemorial, wise people always set the rule of thumb to build a strongly-bonded three-tier relationship among the teachers, students and parents. If the bond of this “triangular relationship” becomes weak, the main purpose of value-added education is defeated. In the present day, it is disheartening that the triangular relationship has broken in some cases, the result being the derailment of some children from the desired track. In general view, the parent should take responsibility first if a child gets derailed from the right track. In many cases well-to-do families, it is observed that the parents pay much attention in providing healthy diets and fashionable dresses than inputs for the growth of mental development.

Shabir Jamali,