Books are the main source of knowledge and inspiration. They always provide us authentic information about the world. Books used to be the friends of men in isolation. One who reads books daily is always a person of high attitude. A person who is fond of reading different books is always considered a man of knowledge. But, unfortunately, in today’s busy world, people are no more interested in reading books. Whenever they need to read anything, they just prefer to read on mobiles, laptops and on tablets. Initially, this habit was followed by the young generation but now even older people do not read books just because of mobile addiction. Screen reading, among people, is increasing day by day as compared to the book reading. Digital reading has many side effects and one of the most effects of screen reading is on the eyes of people. People lose their eyesight due to excessive screen addiction. There are hardly a few people who still have this great hobby of reading books. Today’s youth has lost the habit of reading books. Their major interest in getting information is via mobile or laptop. Therefore, our youth is backward as compared to the youth of other countries of the world. Recently, the best initiative of street libraries was introduced in Hyderabad city of Pakistan to enhance the level of reading among people. There should be more book reading in order to get in touch with worldly affairs. The more you read; the more are the chances of success in life.

Shahzad Panhwar