Federal government led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has failed to control rising inflation in the country in first two years of its tenure.

Country saw a massive rise in prices of the commodities as sugar price witnessed an increase of approximately 80 percent, flour 70 percent and cooking oil 68 percent.

During first two years of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, price of mill flour skyrocketed to Rs70 which was easily available at Rs41 in Karachi earlier. Price of pulses jumped from 150 to 240 while price of sugar rose to over Rs100 from Rs56. Red chilies also witnessed a massive increase in price from Rs300 to Rs900 per kg.

Price of one liter pouch of cooking oil increased from 182 to 250 and even price of boneless beef meat jumped from 510 rupees to 700.

Vegetables also witnessed a sharp increase in prices as onion’s price increased from Rs32 to Rs50 and masses are forced to buy potatoes at Rs60.

Public also expressed dissatisfaction and said that minister and advisors travel in luxury cars and claim that economy is improving but poor people are being forced to commit suicides.