ISLAMABAD          -    Sia revealed in late June that she had become a grandmother at the age of 44 - just weeks after announcing she’d adopted two teenage sons last year.But a month and a half later, the Australian singer has expressed regret over telling the world that one of her sons had welcomed ‘two babies’ of his own, admitting that it ‘wasn’t [her] news to share’.She told that she has since realized it’s her ‘job to protect her children and not blab about what’s going on in their lives’.When asked about her new responsibilities as a grandmother, Sia said: ‘I’ve decided to stop talking about it.

I made a bit of a boo-boo because they’re my new children. I’ve only had them for a year. I’m such an open book that I forget not everyone else is.While I didn’t get into trouble for blabbing about his [her son’s] children - I was peeing, which is where I have my best thoughts, and I realized that it was not my news to share with the world.’