The Tiger Force programme was initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in this difficult epidemic situation to volunteer and help the government to get control on the spread of virus. In this non-paid program youngsters participated wholeheartedly and volunteered the situation on the request of Imran Khan safely and soundly. Amid visible decrease in coronavirus cases, the government has decided to uplift the lockdown restrictions in the country under the strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The work of Tiger force is not so over yet as the lockdown is uplifted under strict SOPs. The government should now direct the tiger force to start awareness programmes of SOP’s to be followed by people in different local public places. The tiger force under police protection should visit different public places to overview the situation and should order to follow the SOPs in public places to avoid the spread of virus. I am sure the youngsters of Tiger Force will perform their duty with the core of their heart happily.

Ghulam Mustafa Baladi,

Jamshoro, Sindh.