ISLAMABAD        -       An official vehicle of Punjab government with Chief Secretary and his staff board caught fire and burst into flames on Monday at Zero Point.

Rescuers and fire-fighters rushed to the scene and extinguished fire. Chief Secretary Punjab Jawad Raffique Malik and his staff remained unhurt in the incident. According to details, Chief Secretary Punjab Jawad Raffique Malik along with staff was travelling from Lahore to Bani Gala for attending a meeting when his official land cruiser caught fire near Zero Point. The riders of the vehicle were saved from injuries. Rescuers and fire-fighters came on the spot and extinguished fire.  Pictures and footage of the incident were shared on social media showing the damaged black coloured vehicle of Chief Secretary Punjab.  The reason behind huge fire could not be assertained so far.  Spokesman to IG Islamabad, however, when contacted for knowing about the incident, said he has no knowledge about the accident and he only read some information in a police social media group that a vehicle caught fire near Zero Point. 

“I am not aware that who was travelling in the vehicle,” he said.

On the other hand, Chief Secretary was taken to his destination in another vehicle.