PESHAWAR Americans are conducting a detailed survey across the country and mapping each and every sensitive as well as strategic installation in Pakistan, a highly placed source said on Thursday. The officials of Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations and mercenaries of Blackwater have started making diagrammatical drawings of important routes, especially the areas which interest them the most, he said. After conducting detailed surveys including aerial photography, infrared photography, satellite photography and satellite triangulation, they have started working on the ground including mapping and capturing videos of important and strategic locations, the concerned official said. They are collecting minute details of our geography including, urban areas, roads, bridges and other assets, he told TheNation. Americans are employing all available tactics to get access to the maps, which have been drawn up by security forces, he said. Outcome of their efforts is not always unfavourable. On December 16, US officials captured details of intelligence offices in the provincial metropolis. A CCTV operator noticed their activity while they were trying to make video of a sensitive cell. An alarm was raised but the US spies fled in their bulletproof cars before any action could be initiated. The details and numbers of the vehicles have been forwarded to top government functionaries. This was all we were able to do in the present circumstances, a top intelligence official said. Apart from spying and exceeding their authority, their attitude is highly insulting, as they have no regard for anyone, civilian as well as military officials have complained. A senior civilian official when contacted said that US President Obama is committing blunders while seeking a way out of the imbroglio in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He said that strategy of Richard Holbrooke is not only fanning insurgency and uncertainty but also contributing towards anti-American feelings in masses. They need to be educated in counter-insurgency and counter terrorism operations. Actually, they are frustrated because of their inability to find the right door to knock for peace. They are destabilising Pakistan in sheer disappointment knowing that we are not responsible for their failures. Our friends would play havoc with us once they establish their fortress in Islamabad in the pretext of embassy. Thousands of marines, intelligence operators as well as Blackwater staff would be stationed in their garrison which would be free to terrorise Pakistanis while remaining outside the reach of law of the land. Is this what Americans call mutual interest, mutual respect and mutual trust, he asked.