About 141 prisoners escaped from a jail in Nuevo Laredo, a town in northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, probably with the help of the chief warden, officials said on Friday. Police sources earlier told Xinhua over the phone that 148 had escaped in the incident that took place Thursday night, but the state's public security chief Antonio Garza Garcia later disclosed the new number to local radio. The number of escapees could increase since the situation on the ground has made it difficult to make a final count, he added. Fifty-eight of the escapees were convicted felones including drug traffickers and multiple murderers. The remaining were convicts of lesser crimes, said Garza. The prison's chief warden is missing and authorities believe that he could be involved in the jailbreak, he said. Other officers at the prsion could also have abetted the escapees. The prison is overcrowded, holding about 51 more prisoners than the designed capacity for 1,304 and the state's governor has been asking for federal help. Both national and state attorney general's offices are investigating the incident while security forces are combing the city to hunt down the escapees. (Xinhua)