Attempts to garner more support within the Dutch government for a new police training mission to Afghanistan have failed, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday. "The motion for a new mission can probably not count on a majority within the parliament," Rutte said in an interview with the Telegraaf newspaper, "I don't have any guarantees that a majority of the members of parliament will vote in favour of a new police mission to Afghanistan." A team of Dutch police officers and diplomats has returned from their mission in Afghanistan to explore the possibilities for a new police mission in the country. The idea for a new mission started after pressure of the NATO. The plan entails sending 50 police trainers and at least 250 soldiers to protect them. The goal is to make Afghanistan ready to be able to be on its own by 2014. U.S. President Barack Obama wants to start withdrawing troops next year. The minority cabinet can probably not count on the support of extreme right party PVV, the party of Wilders, which has always been against the mission. Rutte has until now not managed to find majority support among other parties. The Socialist party SP is also against the mission.