History makes a painfulreading, and therefore Condi Rices revelations about Washingtons role in Pakistans politics must be troubling for every straight thinking Pakistani. The formersecretaryof states narration of how shesecureda deal between Ms Benazir Bhutto and General Pervaiz Musharraf is embarrassing in the details she gives of the whole sordid affair. She claims at one point to be facilitating almost a dozens calls routed through her as Ms Bhutto and General Musharraf worked out the finer points of the deal through which Musharraf was to stay as president for another term and Ms Bhutto were to become the Prime Minister throughelectionsthat were to keep Nawaz Sharif out of power. The description reveals that Gen Musharraf was using the threat of imposingmartiallaw in the country to putpressureon Washington to make Ms Bhutto more malleable, and Ms Bhutto, in turn, was asking Washington to guarantee that Gen Musharraf would live up to his promises and would not play tricks with her. Thisdocumentation is yet another proof of how fragile Pakistans ruling elite is and how cheap they can make their own country look like in important worldcapitalsjust to secure personal gains.Ms Bhutto was talking to Washington in the hope that being the real benefactor of Gen Musharraf the US would help her secure her objective. However, for Gen Musharraf as sitting chief of army staff and as the so-called President of Pakistan to be using a Foreign Government to seek domestic concessions is nothing but an act of treason. This shows how Pakistanspoliticallandscapeis dotted with small and petty men and women, whose personal stature is not even a fraction of the image they portray in public.General Musharraf, who continues to live a life of lies and self-deception about his commitment to the cause of National dignity was acting shamelessly when he made Washington a party to what really was a domestic affair. We now know why and how Washington operated so freely from Pakistan soil whether for flying drones or conducting Raymond Davis type of deadly spying operations or getting involved in practically every aspect of running Pakistan. It was all because of small, selfish and greedy people ruling Pakistan---a situation that has not changed much even today. KHURSHIDANWER, Lahore, December 17.