Islamabad police have introduced 'Security Neighbourhood System in various residential sectors with an aim to curb robbery and theft activities, besides focusing on vigilant and effective policing to rein in the increasing crime. The security alarm system has been installed in houses at sectors G-10 and G-11 during the initial phase and it would be further expanded to other residential areas and sectors. All the police officers should create awareness among citizens about advantages of security system and get installed it in their respective areas within 15 days through massive interaction with people through various teams.According to this system, special bells will be installed in the houses of neighbours and a 'common button resembling with electric buttons will be installed in walls or any other accessible position of houses. In case of any problem or emergency to neighbours, button will be pushed to inform other neighbours about the problematic situation in the particular house. Neighbours may rush to that house to assist the inmates to solve their problems.The police officials should take further effective steps to control crime in city and adopt a professional as well as responsible attitude to mitigate the sufferings of the people. This is certainly a good initiative by the police force and lets hope they keep this initiative alive in the capital city in the coming years. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, December 15.