At least it is out of my mind's compass to comprehend as to what kinds of defects and faults have appeared in the kitchen of the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that a whopping amount of 26 crore rupees will be spent to make it more attractive and more useful. Our present rulers, be it the president or prime minister are living a very lavish lifestyle which reminds me of the Mughal era in India when the emperors and kings used to live luxuriously on the money they used to collect in the form of taxes from their people. At present, the ruling elite is also spending on its extravagant lifestyle from the pockets of millions of poor Pakistanis who contribute a hefty sum of money to the national exchequer. But these poor themselves are reeling under grinding poverty. I wish our rulers had ever spared a thought for the jobless youth who are committing suicides; if they had ever thought about those who are still without shelter after devastating floods; if they had thought about those Pakistanis who are living below poverty line; if they had thought about those who are live in slums; if they had thought of providing potable water to half of our countrymen; if they had ever thought of those who are being killed by minor diseases. It seems to me as if we are still living under some foreign rule where the rulers are like monarchs and we are their subjects and our representatives in assemblies are helpless pawns in the hands of our princely rulers. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, December 17.