Federal Water and Power Minister Syed Naveed Qamar has told the National Assembly that the government will go to the International Court of Justice over Indias stealing of Pakistans share of the Indus waters. The governments commitment is shown by the placing of the name of former Indus Water Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah on the Exit Control List, because of his alleged negligence in presenting Pakistans case and failing to raise its concerns over the construction of the Nimoo-Bazgo hydroelectric project, which violates the Indus Waters Treaty. The action against Mr Shah, though accompanying the stoppage of his remaining salaries and pension, smacks of using him as a scapegoat to cover up a larger failure of policy. As Syed Naveed Qamar admitted in answer to a question, India has so far not given Pakistan any intimation under the treaty, which in itself shows the lack of its utility, and how India has made it irrelevant because of the support it has from international sympathisers scrambling over each other in the effort to get access to the huge Indian market. Placing Mr Shah on the ECL implies that he is suspected of something very serious, and if he is not suspected of corruption, it would be of something very damaging to the national interest, or both. However, the official reason given is related to the Nimoo-Bazgo project only, not the many projects that India has planned for the Indus, which it is fully exploiting, while taking advantage of its illegal occupation of Kashmir, an occupation it insists on, though the dispute has got the international community recommending a UN-supervised plebiscite to determine the will of the people, a right for which they have been struggling for six decades now. Pakistan must not only keep pressing for a solution to the Kashmir issue which fulfills this desire of the inhabitants, but it must also point out to the world community Indias deliberate subversion of the IWT. The government must also commence work on the Kalabagh Dam, so that it can lessen Indian plans to destroy Pakistans agriculture and turn the country into a desert through its control of the waters of the Indus through the numerous dams it is building. By building Kalabagh, not only would the country have some water storage, it would obviate the excuse that is provided to India, that Pakistan is not using the water it has, which makes it all right for India to dam the rest.