Did any panel ofconsultants advise Mr Zardari to go to Dubai for the treatment that is not available in Pakistan?Who advised him andwhatis this enigmatic disease? Is it related to memogate, SCP, NRO etc? If Mr Zardari has acted alone to go to Dubai for medical reasons only known to him, then he must pay for the treatment,hospitalizationand transport cost. Further, how has Bilawal come to Pakistan? Did he come by some commercial airline and who paid for it? Or did the Presidents airline brought him here? If so all charges should be recovered. Further, Prime Minister told during a TVinterview that Mr Haqani, a controversial figure in memogate scandal is a guest in prime ministers house. There is unwarrantedsince his case is being heard by SCP. Another point of interest is that the political coalition is trying toinstall Bilawal Bhuuto as heir apparent of Mr Zardari. What can we expect from an inexperienced and a man who has been throwing big parties in the UK? Pakistanis must themselves come forward to save their motherland. ZAHEER, Dubai, December 11.