PESHAWAR - Activist of Insaf Student Federation on Tuesday blocked NATO supply line at Hayatabad Toll Plaza on the 25th consecutive day and turned back 10 vehicles of NATO supplies having fake documents of Afghan Transit Trade.

A large number of activists of Insaf Student Federation and Islami Jamiat Tulba participated in the sit-in and chanted full throated slogans against US drone attacks. The protest camp was chaired by President of Insaf Student Federation Mina Khan Afridi and Provincial President Sohail Ahmad.

 Mina Khan Afridi criticised the federal government for allowing US drone strikes in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the only ray of hope for the nation and through their efforts the people of Pakhtunkhwa would get rid of this brutal terrorism which so far has claimed 50,000 lives of Pakhtuns.  He further said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has completed 25 days of their sit-in against drone attacks and NATO supply; however, on the directives of their great leader Imran Khan, ISF is ready to maintain this rally for 25 years.

He assured that PTI and ISF will not deter of any sacrifices for the cause of the country.

They vowed to continue their sit-in against drone attacks until stopping drone attacks in Pakistan. He said that PTI will not succumb to the pressure of any party and would keep their struggle for real freedom of the nation.