Because of the poor governance, the people are faced with a number problems like intact thana culture, their inaccessibility to public representatives, corruption in government departments especially in Revenue Department and lawlessness, it is learnt.

Thana culture prevails and there is no improvement in the performance and attitude of policemen while dealing with the complainants. Incidents of robbery, theft, killing of women, fraud are order of the day. Local parliamentarians get police officials posted at stations of their choice in their respective constituencies and use them as tool against their opponents. Revenue officers make wrong entries in the revenue records. It is very easy for them to sell ownership rights of a land owner. The complaints made by the aggrieved persons to the revenue authorities are hardly addressed.

The district administration has failed to control prices. Land and encroachment mafia continue their illegal activities. Bazaars and markets are occupied by handcarts and stalls, leaving a little space for traffic and pedestrians. Law and order situation is deteriorating with the passage of time. Roads in the district aer dilapidated due to lack of maintenance.