Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan forms are available from SMEDA, NBP and FWBL websites and branch offices but the forms available from these three institutes are different from one another. When the loan scheme was launched, the form consisted of two pages but with the passage of time, the form has become lengthy. Now NBP branches are distributing a four page form and refusing the form distributed on day first.

The innovations and additions being inculcated in the form are making the loan scheme complex and rigid. It is requested that the form and conditions should be made easier for poor and needy applicants because if they could have provided a collateral or guarantor then they would not have required a government loan. Mariam Nawaz and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are hereby requested to take immediate steps to review the guarantor condition and remove the procedural flaws and complexities.


Gujranwala, December 13.