The Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat said that if the killers of Maulana Shamsur Rehman Muawia and attackers of Rawalpindi mosque were not arrested, the ASWJ will stage sit-ins on national highways across the country from January 3.

The announcment was made by ASWJ Chief Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi and Central Secretary Information Allama Auranzeb Farooqi during a press conference at Jamia Farooqia here in Kamalia the other night.

The ASWJ chief and central secretary information said that Juma prayer would also be offered during the proposed sit-ins on the highways.

They said that some hidden hands were behind the sectarian killings in Punjab, adding that objective behind the incident was to provoke sectarian clashes.

They said that under well-organised conspiracy, Mosques and Madrasa were attacked in Rawalpindi and anti-Islam elements and foreign agencies hands were behind the killings of innocent children and religious scholars.

They claimed that the government had gained proper proof about the activities of hidden hands but it was not understandable why the government was reluctant to take action in this regard.

They said that Maulana Shamsue Rehman Muawia was murdered on one-side and a Shia leader was also killed on the other side to create confrontation between the both sects.

They disclosed that all Pakistan historic conference would be held in Laal Masjid at Rawalpindi on January 9 which would be attended by Sheikhul Hadiths from all big seminaries, scholars and representatives of all organisations of traders.

ASWJ Deputy General Secretary Allama Masoodur Rehman Osmani and Qari Aslam Farooqi were also present on the occasion.