NEW YORK-Throughout history, dogs have exhibited a staggering ability to pick up new skills, from herding sheep to guiding the blind.

Now it appears our canine companions can add another ability to their array - art. A video has been posted online showing a yorkie-poodle called Amos using an iPad to draw and paint using his nose on the touch screen and apps.

Amos uses Doodle Buddy, a finger painting app, and App For Dog, which has different activities to entertain dogs, including a paint feature, to create his masterpieces.

Amos also uses Big Camera Button app to take ‘selfie’ pictures using the iPad’s camera.

t was posted by Anna Jane Grossman,  a self-confessed dog obsessive writer and animal trainer in her native New York City.

She runs School For The Dogs and has written about pets for The New York Times, Gizmodo, Vice, ReadyMade and Animal Planet.

She posted the video on The Dogs, a site for dog lovers that she edits.

She said: ‘This Christmas, my lucky friends are going to get printouts of original digital art. Made by my dog.’

A commenter on The Dogs blog accused her of smearing bacon do the screen so the dog would keep sniffing it, but Ms Grossman insists the four-legged Monet’s work is entirely from training.