Well-known social figure Dr Ziaul Hassan Tahir has been under immense public pressure these days to make him contest the upcoming LG elections for the slot of chairman from UC-72, Shergarh. A delegation of about 200 people, comprised of representatives of various Biradaries, met Dr Zia at his residence the other day and insisted that he should contest election for the seat of chairman. On the occasion, a large number of youths also gathered outside his residence and chanted slogans in his favour like “Hum sab ka eik he naara-Dr Zia quaid hamara” and “Shaoor ki shama jala-Dr Zia, Dr Zia”. Addressing the delegation and the youth, Dr Zia expressed his gratitude and said that the objective behind his awareness campaign was not to contest election himself but to sensitize the deprived and oppressed segments of society about their rights and empower them so that they could resolve their problems on their own. He said that the purpose of the LG system was to share power with the common man and ensure his participation in the decision-making of public affairs but unfortunately a common man has got nothing but the humiliation of licking the dust of Deras of feudals and landlords for the resolution of his problems despite the existence of LG system in the country. He said 98% population of the country belonged to the underprivildged and middle class but the 2% elite had subjugated and enslaved them due to their ignorance, illiteracy and disunity. “My mission is to end this ignorance, disunity and lack of awareness among the common man and practically free him, ensure his inclusion in the power-sharing and decision-making and thus enable him to lead a respectful and dignified life”, he added. He told the members of the delegation that you too belong to that class of society whose participation in the power is my dream and appealed to them to be united and elect their leaders from within their ranks instead of electing those who had given them nothing but poverty, illiteracy and sense of deprivation.

The delegation, among others, included Syed Asad Raza Kirmani, Syed Imtiaz Ali Kirmani, Syed Irshad Hussain Shah Gilani, Pakistan Kissan Ittehad General Secretary Ch M Yaseen, Labaik Ya Rasulallah Tehreek vice president MalikAmeer, Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Shergarh President Asghar Mughal, Anjuman-e-Tajran President Ch Mubashar Hassan, Ismael Mughal, Mian Khadim Hussain, Mehr Mansha, Mehr Ghulam Ali, Mehr Adnan Ali, Rafiq Dogar, Abdul Ghafoor Lohar, Foji Shams, Pervez Ahmad Bhutta and Farzand Ali Arain.