Taliban militants stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar and killed over 132 children and staff members while leaving 122 injured, many are said to be in critical condition. The law enforcers continued their operation against the militants still holed up inside the school. Armed forces of any country are the custodians of national sovereignty. Our Army is no exception as they protect us from any extreme threat. Terrorists tried their level best to fight with Pak army but they faced failure in operation Zarb-e-Azb. After facing great failure in FATA the Taliban adopted a strategy of hitting soft targets where they could cause maximum damage. We have example of Wagah Border incident which occurred recently.

We heard that these terrorist have no religion, they are brutal and they don’t belong to any human race, but today’s incident has proved that they are brutal animals. A school is a place where children are taught about life, but today the terrorists took their lives there, the innocent angels didn’t even know the meaning of death were killed ruthlessly, the pure white uniform, which is symbol of peace, turned red by their innocent blood.

Why don’t the Terrorists have enough courage to fight the Army, rather than taking revenge from innocent children? The cowardly terrorists will face the results soon and we will convey to them how strong we are when they try to hurt our children or our country. We will not let them live on our soil, we will fight them with courage and strength and I am sure that they cannot demoralise us. Those who laid their lives and embraced martyrdom were the future of Pakistan. I pray that the blood of these innocent lives unites us, and we leave our differences behind to defend our country.


Rawalpindi, December 16.