They were children, someone’s child, sibling or a nephew or grandson, someone’s friend. I never knew the kids and I guess I never will. They had dreams to achieve goals and to chase their dreams. When the children left home, who would have thought that this would be their last day, who knew that they would never come back? Who knew they would be gone forever? Who knew that this was their last good bye to their loved ones? This morning they had their last breakfast, last hugs, last meeting and moments of affection. I am sure during the hellish moments, many little eyes kept waiting for help and those little faces kept begging for mercy, but they got no help and no mercy from the animals, instead they fed them bullets and put them to sleep forever. The children entered the school on their feet and came out in coffins. These people call themselves protectors of Islam, where does Islam say that killing innocent people is ok? Islam is a religion of peace not bloodshed, when will this end? When will we see some justice being dispensed? Will this ever stop?


Karachi, December 16.