LAHORE - So many questions and no answers, the incident in Peshawar yesterday has opened up our sores again. My eldest sister is the Regional Coordinator for Army Public schools in KPK, a proud mother and a proud educator. She has won many awards for her hard work and dedication to education. My younger sister called me to inform that she was stuck inside the school building and we had no news if she was safe or a casualty. I heard the news around noon and from then my life became a living hell.

The media kept showing the area and announcing the death toll but no concrete information was forth coming. Working as a journalist, we all understand why no names are given, when an operation is going on, but my heart bleed for the families. My nephew, whose son was a student at the school, reached the building and rescued his son but waited to see if his mother, my sister, was safe. This went on till 5pm and we had no news of her. We all talk of sharing one another’s grief and trauma but only people directly involved can go through the hell that life can become.

Rushing home, seeking the comfort of my family, I realised that my priorities had changed. Despite all the problems we face in this country, life is precious! Finally at 6:30pm, I heard that she was safe but had not come out of the building. We kept a vigil, prayed and kept our eyes glued to the TV screen. Finally at 7pm she emerged, hurt but safe, and now I mourned for the more than hundred children who had died.

How do you mourn for young, smiling faces, wrenched from your arms by such brutal act of ‘humans’? What kind of people do this to another? What kind of revenge was this? I have no words to say to the mothers, fathers, grandparents who lost their future, their love and their hearts in the carnage; what can anyone say?

All I would now like to say is these people should be dealt with proper planning and in an efficient manner. Pakistanis, as a nation, should all join in to remove this festering cancer from among us as they are inside our country.

We should become vigilantes and report any suspect in our area. We should ask the government to put up pictures of known militants, open a helpline, where information can be relayed without any fear.

Our extremely intelligent IT people should be able to find out from where we receive the information, when the call in to take responsibility for such an act and catch them. Then we should hang all the militants enjoying our prisons. Publically and openly without any fear!