December 16, 2014 is considered a black day in the history of Pakistan. It's been a year following the APS massacre, where around 150 innocent students and teachers were brutally killed in a terrorist attack.

After this heart-wrenching incident, we the Pakistanis, as a nation, agreed to counter terrorism in unison. High-level meetings, press conferences, and heart touching songs gripped the screens of TV channels. Also, a strategy called National Action Plan (NAP) was brought to the nation by the armed forces and democratic representatives of the country, which put forward a single point agenda that Pakistan will be a terrorist-free state.

Today, after a year, it’s the right time to examine the result of strategies that were made to make Pakistan a terrorist-free state. Meanwhile, we must not forget the efforts and activities of terrorist groups, to destroy and completely paralyze the limbless Pakistani democracy.

Few days ago an attack carried out by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) in Parachinar targeted many innocent people. It was not only a terrorist attack but a message to Pakistanis that the terror groups can do whatever they want. This is the same message that they have been sending us for a long time in different cities of country.

NAP is not only a plan but a commitment to the entire Pakistani nation. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his allies, Imran Khan, the opposition and military leadership saw the bloodshed of innocent lives this time last year. Energy was high and statements were bold to heal the heartbroken parents and wet eyes of the country. The nation was told that NAP is the plan for protection of Pakistanis. It is not only our right, but the democratic responsibility of every Pakistani citizen to know the statistics and results of NAP, and to question why militant groups and representatives of terrorist groups are still roaming around with protocols and police protection. There are many more organizations who encourage the terrorists and their ideology.

There is Abdul Aziz, who sits in the heart of Pakistan’s capital and backs the Taliban and ISIS openly with his hundreds of followers and thousands of sympathizers across the country. Why has he not been arrested yet? What kind of immunity does he have?

It’s not just Abdul Aziz . There is a long list of militant group leaders including Aurangzeb Farooqi and Ahmed Ludhyanvi, who are openly operating through their offices in almost every city and conducting their rallies whenever they want.

Why are these extremists provided police protection from the tax money of ordinary citizens? I think the APS survivors can also name the terrorist organization who are encouraging terrorism and militancy in our country. Action against these madrassas is never taken. The hatred they are supplying is not being curtailed. Meanwhile, walls are chalked with slogans of ISIS, Taliban, and militant outfits.

There are a hundred facts, but we as a nation don’t want to question. We are busy celebrating our failures. We have to admit that we failed to protect our children from terrorists. But we commemorated 16 December as a national day, a national holiday was announced, songs were played on TV channels, with news anchors wearing APS uniforms to rub salt into the wound of parents who lost their beloved in the APS attack .

What's more important than NAP is changing our behavior as a nation. We must not try to instill false hopes in society. But then we are experts at manipulating our failures.