Due to the implementation of PPRA rules, the corruption in Government contracts has gone down. But the corrupt Government officials are now using “technicalities” to conduct illegal activities.

Take the example of CM Punjab, who had earlier claimed that Quiad e Azam Solar Park was generating electricity at 80% efficiency, while in reality it was only 8%. Similarly the CM Punjab has claimed that they have reduced the unit cost of generated electricity from QAS to Rs 14, but yesterday it was announced that after including debt-servicing the rate per unit of electricity generated from QAS stands at 24.5 Rs, the highest in the history of Pakistan.

Another example is the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, who have created a new material called “RLNG” to help bypass the laws of LNG, while also incorrectly claiming that home users of natural gas will benefit from the project. But on closer inspection it was found that the Ministry was trying to import RLNG at rate of 12$, while the industrial standard rate was 8$, and only IPPs and Fertilizer manufacturers will benefit from RLNG.

Similarly the Ministry of Agriculture are helping the Sugar manufacturing mafia, by declaring that only 9.5KG sugar is made from 100kg sugar cane, which is 5KG less than what is industrial standard of 14.5KG produced from 100KG sugar cane.

These and similar examples highlight the duplicity of Government officials in technical issues. Therefore the news channels and newspapers should hire technical personnel, which can look into and investigate the technical aspects of Government deals and highlight fake and incorrect statements made by Government ministers and representatives.


Peshawar, November 20.