Power acquired through ballot or bullet, when misused to thwart Rule Of Law leads to institutional and economic collapse, rise in crime, lawlessness and even terrorism or anarchy that has taken roots in Pakistan. The only Doctrine which can save Pakistan is one enunciated by Quaid e Azam, which is a democratic welfare state, where every institution is accountable and is there to serve and protect their rights. The solution is submission by all citizens, irrespective of their official status, to Writ Of Law, not from immunity to prosecution. Problem is not with Presidential System or Parliamentary System, but with mindset of those at helm, who consider state, its resources and people are there to serve them, not for them to serve people. Without a credible system of accountability, prosecution and punishment, a state cannot function.

Repetitive military interventions, starting from 1956 onwards, where men belonging to disciplined uniformed services get involved in civil matters, while many amongst them succumb to temptations and greed. This has adversely impacted these vital sensitive institutions, while development of civil institutions is retarded. Billions invested on national security infrastructure cannot justify permitting private militias, which history ordains always turn on their mentors. Moral bankruptcy plagues our paid civil cum uniformed bureaucracy, judiciary, law enforcement and elected executive, which can be gauged from paucity of funds for upkeep of Flag Staff House, personal residence of Quaid e Azam, but no dearth of funds for numerous private houses declared official residences of PM or President or ever expanding residential housing societies under garb of welfare of paid servants of state.

We forget that Pakistan was created for economic welfare of its people and improvement in human resource development and not for welfare of an elite cadre or group. Any government which abuses its power to patronize and protect tax evasion is guilty of financial crimes against state, a crime which constitutionally even majority electoral seats in parliament cannot waive.


Lahore, November 20.