Imran Khan has demanded that Punjab be handed over to the Rangers to maintain law and order. To an extent, I agree with the PTI chairman. Lahore’s roads may be put under the supervision of the Rangers, as the Punjab government has miserably failed in maintaining traffic discipline. CM Punjab is only interested in widening roads and beautifying major boulevards. 

He has no interest in how traffic remains blocked for hours on the wide roads because of inefficient policing. The traffic wardens stand in clusters gossiping with each other or talking on their mobile phones. The most ironic thing is that wardens never stand where they are most needed; they are always a hundred or so meters away from where the vehicles are locked into each other. It would be a good idea to disband this force, as it is doing no useful work; it is only a drain on taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Motorcyclists are main source of nuisance on the roads. 

There should be a separate lane for them on all main roads. Similarly, slow rickety vehicles moving in the right lane obstruct the traffic flow. If Punjab government cannot control the traffic, it should allow the Rangers to do it. 


Lahore, November 5.