We have some EXCITING new updates for you! Last month, five of our incredible students participated in a Science and Technology based program... IN JAPAN!!!! While in Japan, they met Nobel Laureates, attended informative seminars, and conducted experiments alongside scientists and renowned professors. Even though they had a very busy week, they managed to visit several historical sites during their stay as well! Overall, it was a very enriching experience for our kids, both personally and academically. They traveled outside of Pakistan for the first time, teamed up with a diverse array of students, learned about a different culture, and familiarized themselves with new research methods! This was an eye-opening journey for them, and they embraced every second of it! Many congrats to: Ieman Shakeel, Maryam Ijaz, Kishwar Mirza, Abu Bakar Khalid, and Hashim Inayat Ullah!

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 25, 2017