How to get work done in public departments without bribery is still a puzzle. Despite all out efforts to abstain from this menace and keeping in mind how actively NAB is performing but still public sector officials have many ways to get bribe. It would not be wrong to say that they consider it as their right to get bribe for the work they perform and if somebody do not give bribe to them then blackmailing starts which never ends. Why high ups do not take action against such officials as they know it very well that which official takes bribe and who does not, creates questions whether they are involved in the wrong deeds or are coward. In most cases high ups are involved as lower staff always frighten to take bribe if he knows that his bosses are honest and will not endure any wrong deed.

Punitive action is required at all levels without any exemption to get rid of this menace and most importantly action taker should also be honest otherwise it would be holocaust.


Karachi, December 6.