I was born in very conservative and uneducated family and his works merely depend upon Agriculture occupation. It was very hard for me to get education in public school because of high payment which is unaffordable but my parent managed. In every Public school teachers and principal want huge marks for being popularity of his school instead of good education system. Education is the only way to change our destiny. The dealer and businessman play role of principal which leads the future of children towards hell stop them now.

Today why students don’t give respect to teacher because of his own ethics and enough knowledge which reflect back on his face. In ten year of my education I didn’t learn nothing instead passing two months I learnt how to drive a car because of practical experience and works. Why the nation of Pakistan has been failed since 1947 when Pakistan came into being the only reason of education and why America &Europe are more progressive in every fields because of well educated system. In Pakistani universities (hhhhhh)! Politics are doing in the form of enormous parties which are the main root ignorant politics ministers and disturbing the education system.

It’s a humble request to government of Pakistan the university is place of spiritual nourishment not for politics And ban every political activities in university. The only the Pakistan would be education system


Mardan, December 8.