Technology has robbed people of their leisure time and so leisure time is becoming a rare commodity. On one hand where technology is the branch of knowledge and making our work easier than before, on other hand has made harder for us to relax, because we are so plugged into our cell phones, laptops, iPod and the internet. It kills our time available for ease and relaxation, time that is free from duties or responsibilities and that is the leisure time.

People have to understand, “Are you using your device? Or is your device using you?” biggest concern is the unfettered access to social media and cell phones, they are as addictive as alcohol, nicotine and gambling. When a family is out to dinner at a restaurant, not enjoying each other’s company, but each starring into their own screen, completely ignoring other family members while they continue to eat. They do it the entire meal. Right now, an infant is getting their first iPhone and learning to tap and swipe while drooling on it. Above 90% of 2-year-old play video games because that is what their parents put in front of their precious children to keep them entertained and quiet.

It’s about balance. Texting, social media or using technology of any kind is not inherently bad but it’s when it gets out of balance. Carrying your phone where ever you go, physically feel anxiety if you put it down, with your friends and have it up the entire time, checking your phone just after waking up in the morning, these are problems, it’s out of balance. Keeping all things balanced is necessary to have leisure time in life.


Lahore, December 8.