ISLAMABAD - Minister for Marine Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi has ordered probe into massive oil spill near Mubarak Village in the month of October this year when captain of a ship released its bunker before reaching anchorage at Gadani ship breaking yard.   The Minister after visiting the site has directed the Director General of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency to conduct inquiry against the captain, agent and owner of the ship. It may be mentioned that the spillage of oil had caused trouble to the villagers polluting the air and water and damaging the eco system of the coastal area. On October 26, an oil slick near Charna Island was spotted by locals when the high sea tides left black “globs” behind on the beach, making the residents worry about the potential damage to the island’s flora and fauna.

According to the report, samples were tested by the authorities which confirmed that it is bunker oil which is used by ships as fuel. The report confirmed that the oil was not dumped by a Byco Petroleum pipeline and said that no oil refinery uses bunker oil in the country. According to exerts reports, a ship had arrived at Gadani ship-breaking yard a few days ago with parked shed number 100, which was suspected to have dumped the oil into the sea before arriving at the yard, as there is a ban on emptying the fuel tank before arriving at the ship breaking yard.

The slick was first thought to have been caused by an oil spillage from the nearby refineries, with some reports suggesting that the oil spilt after a pipeline owned by Byco Petroleum burst. However, environmental experts responding to the situation shared that the slick was not crude oil but weathered oil, which had been present in the Arabian Sea for some time and had probably been carried to the beach by high tides and winds. The PMSA on its own had cleaned 70 to 80 per cent of the oil spill in the area surrounding the Mubarak Village has been cleaned after the oil spill .