KARACHI  -  The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) held a seminar at Jinnah Sindh Medical University, which emphasised the problem of violence against health workers.

The initiative aims to conscientiously support health systems in preventing and controlling violence against healthcare workers by making health care settings safe and empowering health care providers to manage violence at their workplace.

The seminar was attended by Secretary Health Dr Usman Chachar, Vice Chancellor Jinnah Sindh Medical University Dr SM Tariq Rafi, Dean Medical Education CPSP Dr Syeda Kausar, Giovanni Trambaiolo Head of ICRC Sub-Delegation, Dr Mirwais Khan Head of Project Health Care in Danger ICRC.

Dr Mirwais Khan from the ICRC stated that: “Adopting new policies and standards will ensure all hospitals, no matter how big or small, can prevent violence and keep their staff and patients safe. Healthcare workers care for us at our most vulnerable. They deserve to feel and be safe at work. We are sending a strong message that violence against healthcare workers can never condoned.”

Professor Lubna Baig, Dean APPNA Institute of Public Health stated that: “HCID Project team at APPNA Institute of Public Health feels strongly about violence against healthcare that negatively effects the performance of Healthcare providers which ultimately leads to poor quality of care and adverse health outcomes. In the past four years, the team has passionately done great amount of research on this subject and also come up with practical solutions to minimize violence against healthcare. The presence of all relevant stakeholders in this seminar will help us in together chalking out a strategy to implement the solutions that have been developed after hard work of the core team of the project.”