Bal Nigwar is a village, around 80km far from Turbat city, near Meerani Dam. It is suffering terribly due to lack of electricity. It gets electricity for not more than 3 to 4 hours in a complete day. And in this small period of time the electricity, which is provided, is in low voltage. People of Bal are constantly being troubled as their appliances are being shot circuit on daily basis.

They need the help of the government for having sufficient power to run their electrical appliances. But every time get people of WAFRA say that the voltage is low from the place where the electricity is being generated. If it is the problem then the government should provide other forms of energy to Bal.

Solar energy is the most easy way to generate electricity. Though it is expensive in the beginning, later it needs no expense.

If government cannot do this then wind energy is cheaper the solar energy. The government should generate some wind turbines for Bal Nigwar only. Bal Nigwar is a small village so the expenses cannot a lot. And luckily Bal Nigwar is a windy area so the people this area can get sufficient energy for their use with total ease. It is hoped that the government will think about the sufferings of Bal Nigwar’s people.


Bal Nigwar.