ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has once again restricted the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority from auctioning commercial plots in Sector G-14/4.

The FGEHA is going to auction fourteen commercial plots of class three shopping centres in Sector G-13 and G-14/4 today (Wednesday) at a local hotel here at Islamabad.

A letter in this regard was written by the Planning Wing of the civic body to the Director General FGEHA in which it was conveyed that the upcoming auction of commercial plots is contradictory with the CDA board’s decisions.

The letter stated that it was included in the terms and condition of the NOC issued to housing foundation for the development of Sector G-13 and G-14/4 that all the commercial plots in said sectors would be allocated to CDA on actual cost basis to enable CDA to finance maintenance of these sectors.

The letter asked the housing authority to comply with aforementioned condition and asked not to auction the plots of Class-III shopping centre in G-14/4 on Wednesday to avoid any complication as it involves financial implications and accruing the third party rights in the public interest.

When contacted, the housing foundation’s spokesperson Nasir Chaudhry while responding has confirmed that the letter has been received and its reply would be sent to CDA in a few days.

However, he said that the auction would be held as per routine and there will be no change of plan, as the amount fetched by the auction would be spent on the maintenance of G-13 and G-14.

“When the water supply, street lights and roads are being taken care of by the FGEHA through its own resources then how the commercial properties can be handed over to CDA,” he said.

On the other side, the senior officers inside CDA were of the view that according to rules and regulations, the commercial areas are subject to be allocated to the civic authority, but it is being deprived from its right.

“CDA never got favour from any government forum in front of FGEHA because the stakes of every segments of society i.e., bureaucrats, judges and journalists are attached with them,” a senior officer commented on the condition of anonymity.

He said the issue should be addressed properly as currently the FGEHA cannot sell the plots of G-14/4 through auction.