LOS ANGELES-Judas Priest ‘’probably’’ won’t release a new record in 2020.

Rob Halford and co dropped their 19th studio album ‘Firepower’ in 2018, and the frontman has said that whilst they have started working on new tunes, it’s unlikely they will be out next year. The 68-year-old heavy metal star also admitted that they are ‘’moving faster’’ than ever before because ‘’the clock is ticking’’, as he vowed to continue rocking like The Rolling Stones.

Asked in an interview with Detroit radio station 101 WRIF if fans can expect their next record to be out in the next 12 months, he said: ‘’Probably not, no.

‘’But we’re starting work [on new material].

‘’And like I’ve always said, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

‘’But we’re probably moving faster than we ever did, because the clock is ticking.

‘’Thank you, Rolling Stones. When I watch Mick [Jagger] and the boys, man, it makes my heart swell.

‘’And [the way] those guys are doing it at that point in their life man.

‘’I said year ago, I wanna be screaming out ‘Painkiller’ when I turn 80; I wanna be on a stage somewhere.’’

The ‘Breakin’ The Law’ rocker says that they want to ‘’keep that electricity buzzing’’ as their connection with their fanbase is ‘’stronger than ever’’.