Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday inaugurated the kartarpur corridor, which would allow thousands in f Sikhs in India visit their second holiest site with visa each day, and said time was ripe to end hatred between Pakistan and India that had been nurtured over the past seven decades. On the other hand, referring to his stance that Pakistan would take two steps forward if India took one. Khan urged Narendra Modi to grant justice to Kashmiris so that all people across the subcontinent could live in peace. It is also a tad ironic that decision come on the day when the kartarpur corridor was opened for Sikh pilgrims, indicating Pakistan’s intention to facilitate other religious communities.

Undoubtedly, it would have been better had the court given the site to neither side, considering the sensitivity of the matter and it’s impact on communal relations in India. It is best if state institutions maintain a non sectarian outlook to ensure justice for all citizens. Today , many of these elements are in positions of soulful power in India. And it would seem that PM Imran Khan deserves a considerable “thanks” for this.